Wild Abandon

Wild Abandon is a band local to Humboldt County since 2015, and creates music that some call Experimental Rock/Country Noir/Alt Indie/Folk Rock/Math Rock/Blues/Pop Fusion/Fill-in-the-blank-genre here. We play primarily original music, but like to throw in a few eccentrically-covered songs for fun (John Prine, Johnny Cash, Feist, Bob Dylan, Gillian Welch…).
The charming Melanie Barnett slaps and strums rhythm guitar and sings lead vocals, the righteous Cory Goldman is on lead guitar making noise(s), the honorable Nate Zwerdling supports and noodles on the bass, and the conscientious Gabe Lubowe pounds heartfeltly on the drum skins and shiny metal rounds.
We’ve played shows on KHUM Radio Without the Rules, and events/gigs such as the Benbow Summer Arts Festival, the Eureka Night Market, the Humboldt Folk Life Festival, at Outer Space, the North Country Fair, Rock the Redwoods at the Arcata Theater Lounge, our Album debut at the Sanctuary, the Eureka Street Art Festival, Arts Arcata, and more!
We’re available to play festivals, private shows, parties, events, fundraisers, anything you need some music for, and we can be contacted at [email protected]